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Founded in 1952, the Roman Association, one of the first organized forms of Hotel Porters, a founding member of the then FIPA (Italian Federation of Hotel Porters), is non-profit, non-partisan, governed by a statute and led by a President and a Board of Directors lasting three years.


Its associates are “Le Chiavi d'Oro”, Hotel Porters and Front Office Attendants, hospitality professionals employed in the Concierge and Front Desks of Roman hotels and beyond; for the guests of the various hotels, the “Chiavi d'Oro” are the reference point that allows them an easier stay, and at the same time they contribute to the enhancement of the image of the accommodation and the city. Over the course of its 60 years of life, the “Romana” has had the honor of counting among its members Hospitality Professionals from hotels of great prestige and names with professional and associative positions of national and international importance.


The main purposes of the Association are to create a bond of close and friendly connection between the members, to promote and make our category and our profession known, to organize training and professional updating initiatives and to develop and support all types of action and recreational activities. , cultural and professional in order to raise the moral and material value of the members themselves. All in a spirit of service and friendship.

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Welcome to the site of the Roman Association "Le Chiavi d'Oro" where you can find out about the activities and those involved in the hospitality profession in Rome's hotels. Members who join carry out the duties of hotel porters or front office workers and share an idea of the modern profession and adapted to the new work requirements. It's not just the profession that unites us, but we share an idea that goes beyond all this: Associationism, by which we mean friendship, solidarity, respect for the important values in which we firmly believe and put into practice. Values that we also try to pass on to our future colleagues through training and our contribution in schools. Our Association is open to all those who wish to join.

Thank you for your attention and happy browsing!

The President Giuseppe Sicurella and the board

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